There has been a post circulating entitled “An Open Letter to Mormon Feminists” in which the author pleads with her fellow Mormon women to not leave the Church in anger.
friends with kids
Things between us have been weird these past few years since you had that adorable kid and I didn’t have an adorable kid.
Now that a token amount of intersectional analysis has been performed, white women are free to move on to discussing whether or not Miley’s work is feminist.
I want you to know that today, when I looked in the mirror, I saw cheeks that could use a little more collagen and a nose that could use a little more height and a chin that could probably be shaved down a little.
mental health
I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder at 27, just one year older than you are now. Thank God there was no Twitter or Facebook or Instagram back then.
brain tumor
Sometimes I am sure of who you would be if you had lived. Sometimes I am not.