Being on vacation is magical and gives lady visitors an “an altered sense of reality… while minimizing perceptions of risk and long-term consequences."
one night stands
The adage about using an equation involving the amount of time you were together as the “x” factor for how long you should be upset after it ends is stupid, plain and simple.
casual sex
My belief system of waiting to lose my virginity had landed me with a total loser for almost three years, so maybe it was time to try the complete opposite. I enjoyed sex. Why shouldn’t I have more of it? With a variety of people?
Hooking up wasn't the problem; the problem was how I compulsively relied on alcohol to help satisfy my bottomless need for male approval.
thought catalog
First, you have to release the shame about casual sex. “Just sex” is an awesome thing.
lesbian dating
Everyone has woken up at some point in a bed without their usual beauty products on hand. Chances are queer women will have better choices when it comes to finding something to make themselves look presentable.
one night stands
Having a one night stand didn’t make me feel cheap or nasty; in fact, it had none of those negative connotations that are generally associated with random, fleeting sex. It just all felt sort of pointless.