A con man fabricated a broadcasting contract with a major network in order to get me to Russia for the Sochi Olympics.
A medal contender in men's skeleton makes a mistake and fights tears on camera, and it's brave. Some US women's hockey players cry after their loss to Canada, and they're mocked. Of course. They're women.
another hockey post
The treatment of women's hockey in the U.S. and Canada should be infuriating to anyone who cares about equality, whether or not you have any interest in seeing a bunch of ladies in pads hit a piece of rubber back and forth.
fake sports girls
"All women may not relate to the Winter Olympics, but one thing is certain: all women can relate to sex," read the PR email that I set on fire with my brain.
eating disorders
Extreme over-training and food restriction is common in nearly every sport that ladies compete in, it's just more noticeable in skating (or gymnastics) because costumes hide precious little.
In my humble opinion, 'deaf volleyball' facilitates true on-court chemistry. Often, hearing people ask me how deaf people communicate on court, and their first impression is that there's a disadvantage to not communicating with verbal cues.

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hot guys
I can't believe this is even something I have to defend.
gabby douglas
There are some who want to ask “why we need to bring race into it” and they’re the same kinds of people who say we live in a “post-racial” society. We need to bring race into it because Gabby Douglas’ race is important.
being a jerk
body acceptance
She might turn around and kick your ass for it.