rape culture
That room was full of “cool” guys, progressives, radicals even. And still they saw the world as an episode of Perry Mason where men accused or convicted of crimes against women and children were innocent, and the truth would come out in the end.
When something like this happens, it either makes you despair about the world, or it makes you want to fix it. And despite all appearances, I think it’s fixable.
occupy wall street
And a $150 perfume. Oh, and I bought some Givenchy go-go boots on the way. Oh, well.

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body politics
I have a problem with the idea that the only purpose the “women-only” tent at Occupy Wall Street serves is to be the “safe haven” that Fox News portrays it to be -- a tent where women can be "protected" from sexual assault, as though women should not expect to have their bodies and personal space respected no matter where they are.
occupy wall street
I was expecting to feel energized, motivated, powerful. Instead I felt humbled by the realization that I wouldn't do what these people do.