Checking up on her became a ritual, and as my breakup receded further into the past, I found myself more interested in keeping tabs on her than on him.
Every time I start a new book, I feel a little twinge of sadness for all the other ones I didn't get to start.

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I, like my parents before me, throw myself 150% into things before moving swiftly on to the next new exciting phase.
Food, music, you name it. When I find something I like, I consume it voraciously. Until I don’t anymore.
annoying hippies
Literary obsession is a lot like social engagement, only it’s more consuming and energizing and it takes place inside your head where you don’t have to deal with human people at all.
all my things are awesome
Only keeping the things I need to live seems awfully boring.
ask laia
If they're good enough for the Beatles, they're certainly good enough for Shannon.
Last weekend I spent upwards of an hour talking to a total stranger about Miles' poop, dog parks with gravel and assholes with chocolate. It was a terrifying glimpse at what life will look like when I decide to spawn.

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