eating disorders
Making rent each month meant planning every expense down to the cent and food was one of the only things that wasn't a fixed cost. So increasingly I found myself cutting it out of my budget, and just not organizing to have something to eat every day.
When I opened my bedroom door around 7:15 one Friday morning after spending the night at my boyfriend's apartment, I found a drunk stranger sleeping in my bed and he did not want to leave.
Why did I leave sunny Florida for this place? My answer changes depending on my mood -- sometimes it's that I moved here to become a writer. Sometimes it's that I want to try every single slice of pizza this city has to offer.

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Yes, I'm doing it of my own (slightly conflicted) volition. But that doesn't mean it's not scary, man. (And yes, kind of exciting, too.)
I decided to finally start listening to my own heart or head or whatever. And it's telling me, "California."
In the new book "Goodbye to All That," 28 women writers describe loving, and eventually leaving, the city of their dreams: New York.
And as if that weren't awkward enough, I soon learned that I'd recently dated one of her best friends. Apparently the Jewish NYC dating scene is frighteningly insular.
You mean I'm not allowed to just disappear?

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courtney love
This is the last thing I am going to say about this townhouse situation. My next already-written post is about all the major positive things going on in life right now.