flowers in the attic
Having a great time in the attic! Weather looks like it’s possibly beautiful! Wish you were here! Love, The Dollangangers
I have many fond memories of testing out pastel-colored cream eyeshadow and ungodly amounts of body spray.
Reason #1: It is a movie whose plot hinges on the very real dangers of illegal abortion.
spice girls
For some reason, it never occurred to me that I could simply make all of my Southern favorites myself. These were always things that were made for me, as an act of love.
So let us harken back to Sassy's days of yore and marvel over the fact that their fashion spreads were killing it.
The Internet of yore was a weird, beautiful place.
sex tapes
Sometimes I want to be a sex-crazed, 23-year-old party girl again, if only for 12 minutes and 31 seconds.
1990: I start using hair gel, still trying to perfect my irritatingly soft curls, an impossible task in the year-round humidity of South Florida. I favor a brand called Stiff Stuff. My resulting hair crunches like dry leaves.

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ya lit
Remember that time when kids weren't expelled for being jerks?
Maybe we feed on misery because sometimes, it’s the best way to actually feel something, and this might be the most depressing point that “Heathers” has to make.
xoJane editors share their prom photos and stories.

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Finally, I had jeans I could wear. All my friends had jeans, and now I did, too. I could even tuck in my shirt. It was a revolution in my desperate-to-belong soul.

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Letters make me feel like I am whispering to a friend on the riverbank on a hot summer day, the air alive with the smell of bay laurel and the water so still that it looks like glass.

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favorite places
Some of these places don't exist for me any more, some do, some I'll probably never be able to visit again, some hopefully I will be able to.
I’m not saying you HAVE to listen to nothing but “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child while you read this, but it really ties the article together.

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I understand why you should give clothes away. I mean, I understand the logical reasoning behind it.
summer camp
I still get nostalgic when I think about my camp days (and in the summertime, those days pop into my head often). Anyone else? Let's swap camp stories!
'People aren't judging you as much as you think they are. This one will take you a LONG time to figure out.'
Aw, remember LiveJournal? I still go back to check on old friends, though it feels like visiting a ghost town (and confronting unpleasant former versions of myself can be ... unpleasant).