It’s you. It’s all you. It’s not me.
ray rice
In addition to the whole “One of our teams is named for a racial slur” thing, the NFL has a culture of sexism bordering on misogyny.

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The good news? A few cheerleaders have filed suits claiming they're vastly underpaid. Because they are.

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Rationally, I know that being a dad should come first. But the fan in me isn't always that rational.
native american
The team’s “heritage” is being used to outweigh the heritage of an established people.
The NFL Bag Policy is a total joke, but since it's not going anywhere, here are bags that follow the guidelines and aren't totally heinous. Plus, the magic scarf I can't live without.
21 NFL teams carried at least one player with domestic violence or assault charges on their rosters during the 2012 season.
There's one thing you might do with your beer that will get you booted from the game. Find out what it is.
Unfortunately, according to their owner, that's NEVER going to happen. (The all caps are his.)
tim tebow
Just when we thought all hope was lost for Tim Tebow, he signs with one of the NFL's best teams. Personally, I'm shocked.
Sexual discrimination is rampant in the NFL. And it's time for that to come to an end. NOW.
While I have friends who insist on commenting on my Facebook wall that, “it’s just a bunch of guys and a ball,” or on telling me that there are people in the world who are starving and maybe I should be upset about them instead of a fumble, to them I say: Football’s my thing.
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a bet the Packers would beat the 49ers in Week One. And then they didn't. TIME TO PAY UP, DUDE.
Just after NFL players speak out supporting same-sex marriage, a college linebacker gets kicked off of his team for kissing a man.
I basically don't know how I'd make any decisions if not for you.
And guess who's not happy about it. Hint: ME.
NFL linebacker Junior Seau's suicide made me realize just how much I think about death, but also how unprepared I am in the instance it actually happens.
bounty program
And I, for one, think everyone got exactly what they deserve.
bounty program
For the New Orleans Saints, it wasn't just if they'd win or lose, but how much money they'd illegally earn for knocking opponents out of the game.

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