The only demographic that hasn't offered me dating advice is the men I've gone out with over the last few years, so I decided to ask them for it in exchange for anonymity and no hard feelings.
It's not merely that racism is still rampant in America -- it's that your reaction to it matters.
Why did I leave sunny Florida for this place? My answer changes depending on my mood -- sometimes it's that I moved here to become a writer. Sometimes it's that I want to try every single slice of pizza this city has to offer.

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The sad thing is that a large portion of those coming to New York think they’re doing so in the name of authenticity. People who want to be artists and intellectuals come to New York and move to areas like Bushwick, thinking that they are getting the New York experience.
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Tawana Brawley was 15 years old and missing for days when she was found in a trash bag in November 1987. But with no firm evidence and a team of questionably driven advisers behind her, a grand jury ruled that Brawley's gang-rape claims were a lie.
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Here’s some of the silly/stupid/crazy stuff I do to keep my stuff looking new for as long as possible.
I’ve been in New York just under three weeks and one of the things that’s made this journey really incredible is the food.

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I am in fully in love with Natalie (and her adorable, funny boyfriend Chris) who both visited the xoJane office for the first time today. Help me seem knowledgeable and recommend the best spots in NYC?

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Part of it is because I'm a workaholic. Part of it is because I live in New York. And all of it is me.
Breaking news: New York City is way cooler than Los Angeles. Plus, while I was there, I dropped by the XOJane offices and met a bunch of your favorite ladies.
Do you like being a big fish in a small pond or do you say "fuck ponds?"
Every year, New York Magazine does a list of "Reason to Love New York." But for me, the opportunity to see really, really weird stuff happening around me on a daily basis will always top the list.

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My best friend and Day Drinking cohort is moving to New York City. This is my way of saying goodbye.
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Introducing the Bed Bug Emotional Therapeutic Community Hotline (BETCH).