I'm not sure why I was so surprised to hear frank discussions about sexism at San Diego Comic-Con, but I really, really was.
Actually I'm probably not good-looking enough to properly qualify as a "fake geek girl," but I'm giving it a shot anyway.

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Can we still be friends if I admit I've never read the Arthur Conan Doyle versions of "Sherlock Holmes?"
i am totally hopeless at being normal
More reasons I should live out my life in a dark room and only communicate with other humans via the Internet.
While I'm seriously not the best person to ask for dating advice, I have to wonder: is a video game date really that unsexy?
Just when you thought I couldn't get any nerdier, here I come to BLOW your MIND.
Your resident Sherlock Holmes geek (or one of them, anyway) weighs in. (Bonus: totally gratuitous picture of "Desperately Seeking Susan" era Aidan Quinn.)
everybody loves lists
Pens and notebooks! Sunshine! A YouTube video that made me cry! I'm secretly 12 years old on the inside!
Why isn’t the rest of the world tired of this guy who should go to therapy instead of crouching on rooftops and brooding in shadows?
Note: there are no birds, angry or otherwise, on this list.

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Why a midnight showing of "The Hunger Games" might be my last.
I'm at a video game developer's conference and feeling weirdly left out. It gets better?
What began as a confession about my only-every-three-months mail-opening schedule turned into a post about the changing state of the US Postal Service. This is what I do, folks.

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