Lest you think I’m a total goody-goody (I am one, but only partially), I have tried smoking pot. Three times. Although it’s unclear if I’ve actually inhaled.

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When you think you hate jazz, moving across the hall from two jazz musicians may seem like a really bad idea. Turns out it's not.

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sex talk
You can’t control the universe and hide erotic stuff from your child, but you can talk to her about sex when she’s little.
you are the advice columnist
How do I tell him nicely that I don’t want him coming around (particularly with his cat) , calling me at 11 at night, expecting us to be BFF’s etc.
I know everyone on my road by sight and by name. I’ve been into almost every house on my road, and I’ve looked after animals, gardens, mail, and other sundry matters for my neighbors -- and they’ve done the same for me.
ihtm contest
Most of the dead people I know have died in hospitals -- as soon as you're gone, they shuttle you off to the morgue, pump you full of chemicals and put you in the freezer until it's time to paint you for your viewing.
Sumo baby’s parents and I had a few terse back-and-forths in coming months, but there really wasn’t anything that could be done: The building simply has good-for-nothing insulation and babies can’t lawfully be caged.
Or, how I met a bunch of people in my building and learned to foster community among urban renters.