For the record, my mom and dad were NOT drunk or high when I was born.

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I'm actually responding to a very important text and NOT surreptitiously googling your name because I can't remember how I know you, I SWEAR.
If you Google hard enough, you'll probably find at least one song "about" you.
I'm not ready for my own pets yet, but I can dream up names all I want.

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you are the advice columnist
The name fits me less than it did before, and no amount of asking will get them to stop.
baby names
If your name is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, please do not read this article, and continue on living your life, being awesome, free of my judgement and censure.
Writing under my initials for a very long time has allowed me to observe the way people relate to a writer on the basis of perceived gender, because people seem to have an urgent, desperate need to slot each other into gender categories.
Having your name mispronounced is a cousin of being called the wrong name altogether. It carries with it a sense that you're somehow not worthwhile enough to be bothered with.
I’m sure part of this is just a knee-jerk reaction from growing up in a big Mormon family in Utah as a tiny queer feminist and feeling out of place most of the time.
Especially now, when ambiguously gendered names are actually extremely common and names that were historically masculine are commonly used by women and girls, names and salutations are even more of a minefield than they were before.

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Could the ethnic name bestowed on you by your parents hurt your career?

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The minute we got a good look at him we knew that Jasper would be perfect. AND THEN.
Partners are second-wave feminist dykes who wear tool belts and mom jeans and fanny packs and have permed mullets and make their own flavorless soymilk from scratch. We are not those lesbians.

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By choosing these names for our children, my husband and I are setting ourselves up to be the object of ridicule on parenting websites where the biggest joke is the “unfortunate” child who has been “saddled” with a “yoonique” name.