I bent down to make eye contact with the boy, who was still sitting and staring straight ahead. I said, “I’m gonna tell them what I saw, but I don’t want to put words in your mouth." He cut me off: “They won’t listen to me anyway.”
Why stop at two Nyquils when three will REALLY fix things? This is also a philosophy I apply to cakes, break and bake cookies, glasses of wine, boxes of Lemonheads, and kisses from my boyfriend.

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The South African athlete's current murder trial is both captivating and horrifying. Ever been fixated on any trials or criminal cases?
my brown baby
The Jesus I know would not have gotten out of his car to confront some kid on his way from the store. The Jesus I know would have cared more about the state of the hearts of the kids parked at a gas station than the sound in their speakers.
lifetime movie
This week's hard hitting look at the Acclaimed-by-No-One, No-One's-Waiting-Up-on-Oscar-Nomination-Morning Lifetime movie, "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax." And by hard hitting, I mean FILL UP YOUR GLASSES AND LET THE DRINKING GAME BEGIN.
I became a widow and a single mother at the age of 23.

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In a creepy anonymous note sent to authorities, "Diana" says she shot and killed two male bus drivers in Juarez, Mexico, last week as revenge for the ongoing violence against young women there.
And as if that weren't traumatizing and despicable enough, Facebook waited FIVE HOURS to take the picture down. I just ... can't even.
I've been a horror-movie junkie since I was a kid. As an adult, I graduated to trashy true-crime books and TV (plus an inexhaustible passion for "Law & Order: SVU"). It's slightly embarrassing, but I'm not alone in this -- am I? Let's discuss.
Have you ever gotten super into a famous murder or murderer and then become quietly grossed out with yourself?
disability rights
To be a disabled child, or a disabled adult who needs supportive care, is to know that your life is literally in the hands of the people you rely on to love and care for you. And those people may well think that murdering you would be doing you a favor.
For any girl who has a steady bully, wishing death upon that person is a daily/nightly ritual. But when it actually happens, the last thing you feel is relief or happiness.
For me, the Senate's actions yesterday are personal because the weaknesses of our laws made it possible for three criminals to acquire the assault weapon that killed my sister.
death penalty
My case involved Jim Fayed, a wealthy gold trader who was accused of the particularly brutal murder-for-hire of his estranged wife Pam in a Los Angeles parking garage.
ihtm contest
Sometimes I look for new articles or new developments in the case. I scroll through the comments to where people speculate that they were out in the woods, “doing what teenagers do.” As if they got what they deserved. My blood boils.
ihtm contest
Desperately in need of a sleeker form of transportation, I followed a Craigslist ad titled “BIKE GARAGE SALE” across the San Lorenzo River and into a sickening murder mystery.
ihtm contest
Local gossip mongers flooded message boards to debate my father’s character. He was a weirdo and a creep, they claimed, always driving around in his van checking out children.
I was in my apartment when I heard screaming and gunshots coming from somewhere in my building.

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ihtm raw
The next day, they arrested Paul. They didn’t really care about what happened to me, but they needed Paul’s fingerprints and they couldn’t get a court order for them. His fingerprint ended up matching a bloody fingerprint that was at the scene.
In the newspaper clippings I would eventually dig up from the library, the reporter refers to his home address: my home address.
domestic violence
Collectively, mainstream media reporting has at once discounted Jovan Belcher's actions on account of his mental state and blamed Perkins for staying out too late -- as though Perkins could have brought her murder on herself.
I have written kind words to men who have done awful things: a drug-addicted man who stabbed an elderly couple to death when caught committing a burglary; a man who shot his girlfriend in the face; a man who shot a friend during an argument over a woman.