multiple sclerosis
Julian mentioned experiencing suicidal ideation in previous years, but had assured me that this was a thing of the past.
multiple sclerosis
I want to be opening the hard conversations now, while we still think we’re just young enough that all of this is just plain silly, because hey, guys? It isn’t silly, not really. We only get so many days.
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My physical therapists began talking about things like nursing homes and electric wheelchairs, to which I responded with quick venom, like a cornered animal.
If you had told my needle-phobic childhood self that I’d ever be begging complete strangers for a box of shots so I could inject myself at home I would never have believed it, but that was my life for months.
There’s this perception that the lives of the disabled are somehow diminished, or that we carry some weight or sadness inside, and I want to dispel that.
I have long-standing relationships that never recovered from my diagnosis and friendships which have never been the same after reactions to my use of various aids, medications or therapies.