mother's day
My child is completely dependent on me for her safety and care, and it's terrifying to love someone so defenseless.
mother's day
I am now at the point in my life when there have been more years of not having a family than years having a family.
beauty genes
At the risk of sounding like the sappy, cheese ball that I am, I strongly believe that some of the best gifts we get from our mothers are the ones we see in the mirror every day.
I made the decision to cut off all contact with my mother.
mother's day
bad mothers
Some years, I've spent the day crying on the couch, watching bad cable and eating takeout Chinese food.
mother's day
Who are these demure souls wielding garden gnomes and keepsake boxes while raising America’s youth?
mother's day
I called my mom to read this before we published it, and she said, "Are you sure the story isn't called 'How Not To Be a Dick to Your Mom?'" God, I love her.

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mother's day
I recognize that it’s ridiculous of me to demand that something be planned in my honor, while at the same time insisting that I shouldn’t be the one to plan it.
anna jarvis
Feeling bummed and/or guilty about Mother’s Day? This will make it worse.
greeting cards
Help me choose my mom's Mother's Day card because if she hates it I can just blame you all.

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It's not even the Martha Stewart cookie-baking app.