Forgiveness doesn't mean I have to remain in a relationship with her and allow her to keep hurting me.
I'm pretty content with the way things are right now, but I definitely hold on to some feminist guilt about not having my own income, and I'm very sensitive to SAHM stereotypes and wage a constant battle against them.
daisy coleman
I've seen the dark side of human nature. Now I'm going to protect my daughter with everything I've got.
I accept my body and I want my kids to accept theirs too.
I remember very clearly, in primary school, repeating the stories and articulating the knowledge that I came from a family broken by abuse.

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Fifteen weeks pregnant, on a Friday night, while watching "Kitchen Nightmares" and gorging on Taco Bell I began hemorrhaging.
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In preparing for the happiest day of my life, I had to face what made it so sad.
I never thought, at this age, I would be a caregiver for my 70-year-old mother and my 7-year-old boy.
Participation in Kreplach making -- tiny gift pockets of meat and onions in dough -- was not optional, but also not without its appeal. The promise of eating Kreplach that broke in the cooking process kept my brother and I in indentured kitchen servitude throughout our youth.
Clearly I mask my intense fear and anxiety with intense anger. Very healthy.
I never thought I would succumb to the motherhood comparison game. But in the end, I was wrong. I did judge myself harshly. But it wasn’t against other moms. It was against my own husband.
I was still recovering from the mixed emotions of seeing my boyfriend for the first time in months combined with reverse culture shock, but all of those distractions went out the window when I saw his mother lying comatose in the hospital bed.

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Frances is the best kind of mystery, one who reveals her secrets sparingly. I think I have her down and then boom! She marries a gay African guy so he can get a green card.

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