I have never found a moisturizer that actually sinks in and lets me live my life without a shiny and sticky face.
My battle with dry, flaking skin is neverending but these wonder products are saving my LIFE.
hand cream
It’s winter and I am, of course, ill-prepared for the cold weather and resulting dry skin.
dry skin
Every last drop of moisture has been sucked out of my skin. I feel like a withered old cactus.
josie maran
The holiday season is here again , and I’m just as exasperated as all of you are.
Usually my imagination conjures up a narrative a lot like the one on the pilot episode of "Lost," where it’s a bit of a bumpy flight, then BAM! The back rips off and BAM! Half of us are dead. (I’m always in that half.)

Aug 24, 2012 at 12:00pm | 79 comments

body scrub
I should be using these religiously all year round, but then again, there’s a lot of things that I should be doing.
cuticle oil
I use a couple of products throughout the day (whenever I remember to) and they help keep me ahead of the game.
I spent yesterday attempting to get my feet looking reasonably human again, and despite the fact that they are still podgy, they are now soft, fragrant and looking a whole lot more pleasing to the eye.
dr. brandt
I appreciate any product that gives me an excuse to stare at myself in the mirror for even longer than usual.
Hot Latin guys, commitment issues, coconut oil -- welcome to Cazwell's world.