mass murder
I’m tired of watching middle-aged white men having mid-life crises and cheating on their wives and failing as fathers and committing terrible crimes and trafficking in moral ambiguity
When people can’t even engage respectfully with a woman saying she’s harmed by something people in her environment are doing, it’s kind of impossible to hope for any meaningful change.
good guys
Why is it that so many “good guys” act like adult babies, and not in a fetish sense?
He used misogynistic terms to reduce me to a useless, shameful commodity...all because I rejected him.
elliot rodger
If I point out that 40 percent of mass shootings begin with incidents of domestic violence -- will it matter?
video games
Women represent 48% of people who play video games. And still, Anita Sarkeesian can't sleep in her own home.

Aug 29, 2014 at 1:00pm | 184 comments

If a man tells you he likes Bukowski as a way of telling you about himself, this is shorthand for telling you that he thinks alcoholism and misanthropy are kind of romantic.
bad words
INCLUDING: what "bitching" once had to do with pouring tea, and some unexpectedly amazing English origins of the c-word. This is not a place for delicate sensibilities.

Jul 3, 2013 at 1:00pm | 163 comments

All you have to do is type "karma" and "Angelina" in Twitter search engine to find the sad.
So what now? I guess I’m supposed to be filled with regret over my barren womb and spinster future?
Corrigan’s column appears to have been an attempt at satire, but the fact that he’s an incredibly shitty writer means it fell far short of the intended goal. Instead it just reads like a string of misogynist jokes glued together with flapping noises from his butt cheeks.
car shopping
Women don't drive stick and red is the same color as black -- and other words of wisdom from car salesmen.
I’m embarrassed by the fact that I expect this sort of behavior. I should expect more, we all should.
Video games are changing, and more women are playing them. Whether you like it or not.

Mar 28, 2013 at 11:00am | 116 comments

revenge porn will be porting a lot of content from the original “Is Anyone Up?” and it’ll be adding lots more user-submitted material, along with a chilling new submission field: address.
street harassment
Most of the commenters thought that I should consider myself “lucky” to be street harassed and that I should take it as a compliment because of how unattractive I am.
gay best friend
A writer for The Good Men Project is arguing that the majority of gay men think it's acceptable to assault and insult women, using their sexualities as an excuse.
This new book, "Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate" says that feminists want nothing more than to "take your son and eradicate his masculine uniqueness." Discuss.
Government interference with the operations of businesses should be anathema to Republicans, yet when it comes to abortion, their supposed core values go right out the window.
What if the resources available to My Brother's Keeper were instead used to eliminate male domination so young women and men could build strong alliances and fight racism together?
My own attempts to challenge sexism within the sport have often been met with hostility. TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of domestic and sexual assault.