mental illness
There has been plenty of rhetoric about suicide being a “choice,” the implication being that it’s the wrong choice.
mental illness
There are millions of perfectly functioning, vibrant people out there who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
My father sat with his arm around me on the couch. He seemed so briefly like a different man and our relationship seemed so promising.
mental illness
Once upon a time, I might have clicked “Like” on that offensive Tourette's joke. But that was before I had my own Tourette Syndrome scare.
mental illness
In the wake of Elliot Rodger, legislation is being proposed in California that would make it easier to prevent mentally ill individuals from buying guns. I think this is probably a good idea.
After the tenth time I triggered my apartment’s smoke detector from a frantic, germ-blasting, Jacuzzi-temperature shower, I knew things had gotten out of control.
On the surface, this isn't a terrible idea. Patients need to be able to participate in any medical procedure, including abortion, with informed consent. But there's more to it than that.
Welcome to the world of data brokers, who have exploded thanks to the Internet and all that it offers in terms of tracking consumers.
mental health
I thought that like mayonnaise and Celine Dion, depression was a white thing.
mental illness
This is who I am. I am a person who requires mental maintenance; it would be false of me to claim otherwise so why should I pretend to be something that I’m not?
mental illness
social anxiety
Once upon a time, a customer service rep asked for my phone number at the end of a call. Now, I avoid phone calls like the plague.
mental illness
With each new request, I feel this extreme conflict internally. How petty to resent him wanting to stay over when he says he feels “unsafe” at his home.
Women aren't the only ones driven to act unfavorably by hormone fluctuations. Imagine the massive disorder diagnosis upswing if only testosterone poisoning were A Thing. Every time a guy punches a wall because he missed a layup? Road rage, chair throwings, gang skirmishes, fraternity hazing gone tragic? Every war, ever?
mental illness
I said yes, I can let you go. But I asked her for three conditions.
mental health
(Trigger warning for suicide and depression talk, y'all.) When I was 9 years old, I had this plan.
When my friends tell me that they want to help, I totally understand what they are saying, and I love them for offering, but I kind of wish they wouldn't.
Friends and fans of Lee Thompson Young and Gia Allemand are reeling from the shock of their suicides, asking, "Why?" But we have an inkling of why: because mental illness is indiscriminate, and it's not being treated effectively.
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Martina seems to think it is possibly a good thing that pregnancy will be bumping me off my Citalopram. “You don’t want to have to take a pill every day for the rest of your life,” she says, and my blood runs cold.
I decided to finally start listening to my own heart or head or whatever. And it's telling me, "California."