I have the kind of depression that is really, really difficult for other people to deal with.
At 20, I decided that if the world wasn’t going to do me the favor of killing me off young, I’d do it myself. But now what?
seasonal affective disorder
Do I have some kind of reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder?
social media
As we exploit visibility for success, our real friends rely on social media to see us.
mental health
I am tired of the stigma surrounding black women and mental health.

May 23, 2014 at 12:00pm | 67 comments

I’m in the fetal position on the floor of my locked bedroom, 16 years old, sobbing hysterically, shielding my eyes from a piece of plastic vomit.
mental health
I was a funny person. I laughed a lot. I was just unhappy a lot of the time.
My "Number Thing" is always nibbling at the edge of my brain.

Apr 23, 2014 at 11:00am | 78 comments

Within dissociation, we can experience depersonalisation, which is the feeling of not being in your own body -– almost as if you are watching your life go by.
mental health
I thought that like mayonnaise and Celine Dion, depression was a white thing.
quitting smoking
Stop the cycle of self-destruction and move on with your life like a person who actually cares about your own wellbeing.
I’ve always been depressed, but that shouldn’t hold me back from traveling. I already have enough to worry about, from graduating university to saving for my next trip and planning where to go.
Today's my first free Thursday afternoon in over 3 years, and it feels weird-good.

Mar 6, 2014 at 11:30am | 131 comments

you are the advice columnist
mental illness
Lately, my mantra is "I am made of love." Yeah, it's kind of dumb, but that's OK. BECAUSE I'M MADE OF LOVE.
you are the advice columnist
We don't know how to tell her we don't want to live with her again because we know her reaction will be emotional, traumatic, and potentially dangerous.
mental health
If the son of a senator, someone with all the funds and resources in the world, is unable to access mental health care, imagine all the other people this is happening to who aren't making the news.
mental health
My goal has ultimately not been to find a professional who is trained in every one of my many inherent mental health challenges, but rather to find one that doesn’t fire me.
I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm and slept for 10 hours. Who am I anymore? The dark world of fall/winter is destroying me.
social anxiety
Once upon a time, a customer service rep asked for my phone number at the end of a call. Now, I avoid phone calls like the plague.