Most men do many things in their daily lives that directly or indirectly contribute to a culture of gender inequality.

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Sometimes men in my life completely invalidate my opinion without even noticing.

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I’m trying to figure out why I’ve been alone this long, because I’m kind of sick of it. (And everyone at xoJane is sick of hearing about it.)
The only demographic that hasn't offered me dating advice is the men I've gone out with over the last few years, so I decided to ask them for it in exchange for anonymity and no hard feelings.
Thank you, kind sir, for letting me know that my boobs fall under the general umbrella of “large and therefore attractive.”

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body hair
"How do you bring up pubic trimming/shaving to a woman?" a guy I know asked me via Facebook message.
online dating
With every profile I scanned, one thing became abundantly clear: Men are bitter. As hell.
I mean, this IS the most important thing to me, so, obvi, I know what I'm talking about. Also: Roxy surfer chicks try to actually surf. And it pisses a few guys off. SHOCKING!
For years, I was too scared to disclose my herpes until after I'd already slept with a guy. But I had to learn to accept my STD before I could have honest, happy sexual relationships.
Women look sexy and feel sexy when they're being themselves. If a dude is turned off by my bold lip, wait until he gets a load of my bold personality.

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chick crack
"I'm glad I didn't meet you in my twenties," I tell him. "Man, I would have been so stupid about you."
I had moved to London, got a visa, an agency, and ditched commercial season in LA against the advice of my manager to be with a guy I was in love with. At least I’ve learned my lesson about never relying on men for anything.
I was having a drink with a friend the other night and we were talking about how, naturally, if you're an intelligent woman, the pool of men who are your intellectual equals is small.
Number One: Don’t act like the world is your living room, and call out men who do.

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Men were always wrong. Men were aggressors; men were rapists; men were stupid; men were obsessed with their penises; men were responsible for forcing my mother into a heterosexual marriage and motherhood.
God bless this guy. This letter is golden.

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Oprah says when you find a pair of shoes you like, buy “A pair and a spare.” I tell my girlfriends to apply that method to the men whom they meet.

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This is written from the perspective of a heterosexual male (because we never get to hear their side of things, am I right, folks?!)
When the waiter comes, I know to automatically take out my ID even if he breezes through everybody else’s drink orders without carding them.

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My heart was aching for Peeta, I realized. My entire body felt emotionally anxious because of how much I loved his character.