Sometimes it's very easy to just forget the past. We really, really shouldn't.
summer camp
I still get nostalgic when I think about my camp days (and in the summertime, those days pop into my head often). Anyone else? Let's swap camp stories!
favorite places
Some of these places don't exist for me any more, some do, some I'll probably never be able to visit again, some hopefully I will be able to.
I understand why you should give clothes away. I mean, I understand the logical reasoning behind it.
I'm in a REALLY foul mood and need to focus on happy things, like shampoo that reminds me of being a kid.
Where else are you supposed to go to hear stories about one-room schoolhouses and exploding corsets when all your grandparents are gone?
I learned from her that taking care of yourself was one of the easiest and comforting things you could do. Even when things weren't going well, you could get your hair done.