It began with intense vulvar itching that kept me up at night and caused me to scratch until I bled. My long fingernails were frequently caked with blood and skin as I clawed into bar soap in attempts to clean them.
Some days, it feels like demons made of fire are gnawing on my muscles, or like knives are stabbing me in every major muscle and joint.
Since about fifth grade, math homework was an Olympic event in our household, complete with hysterical sobbing fits as I stared blankly at nonsensical columns of numbers that seemed to rearrange themselves each time I looked away.
feeding tube
It hurt at first and it was uncomfortable to pump formula into my intestines. I dealt with clogs, pain and some infections from the new hole in my body.
We may have the brains to invent the wheel, but at the end of the day we're just water and soft tissue; sometimes all it takes is a stranger to sneeze in your direction to screw it all up.
Some people spend Christmas with their family. Others slump in front of the TV. This last Christmas, I mostly just peed.
birth control
“Isn’t this bizarre?” I asked doctors in the hospital. They shook their heads and informed me that they regularly encountered otherwise healthy young women with blood clots, almost all caused by birth control.
My boyfriend and I are filthy. Unfortunately, so were his feet.
I am fragile enough that where you will sprain an ankle, I will probably break it in two places; where you tripped and took the landing on your wrist, I crushed the end of my radius.
I was born with a rare condition called craniosynostosis, which caused one of the sutures (soft spots) of my skull to close early. As is with many children diagnosed with craniosynostois, my skull grew in a lop-sided fashion.