I’ve lost count of how many white editors have asked me to write about Ferguson. My first answers were along the lines of “I’ll try if I can stop crying,” or “I really don’t have much to say beyond THIS IS HORRIBLE.”

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fat acceptance
Being asked to send a photo of myself with a shirt on made me feel like I again should be ashamed of my body.
fake science i made up
The problem with jazzing up science reporting with misleading headlines (and articles), though, is that it makes real actual science harder to understand, and presents members of the public with conflicting information.
rachelle friedman
If you've been following the furore over "Divergent" this weekend, you probably know the scene I'm talking about.

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Here's my best attempt to encapsulate what I've seen work -- and not work -- in pitching editors at various media outlets.

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The unfurling diversity in mainstream magazines, on full display with Lupita, Zoe, Oprah and Kerry, says to White America: “Not anymore.”
"Playboy" wants to climb back up the mountain of class after tumbling way, way down, and they are doing a fine job.
alison bechdel
If you think of something that would be cool for society to do in order to address inequality, Sweden has probably done it or is thinking about it.
victim blaming
Yet another column takes the stand that the key to not getting raped is in not drinking. What's going on?
To suggest that even the mom cave is a place where women are essentially expected to do what they do all the time already is...rather odd.
eating disorders
When news outlets cover eating disorder issues as if they are a brand-new thing, or just a craze among some teen girls who have been exposed to too much Photoshopping, they’re delegitimizing the struggle of eating disorder patients past and present.
sexual assault
There is a responsibility inherent in belonging to the media, not just to report news and information, but also to do so in a way that benefits society.
I was contacted by a reporter who said how she had been "enjoying" my pieces in xoJane and wanted to profile me. That's how it started.

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Suddenly, last week, the media exploded with claims that there had been a massive coverup and the Gosnell story wasn’t being covered by mainstream media.
“Can You Smell Obesity?” “Obesity Has A Smell” “Is That Obesity Smell On Your Breath?” “Obesity Has A Scent” “Apparently You Can Smell Obesity”

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pop culture
A question I get asked a lot as someone who talks about pop culture from the perspective of a critic who roots my work in social issues, namely: does pop culture (and television in particular) have a responsibility to educate the audience?
sexual assault
If I never see the words "seduced," "had sex with," "affair," "forced her to have sex," and so on in a headline about a rape case again, it will be too soon.
Don't read what they say about you. Count the column inches. Cuba Gooding Jr. told me that once. SHOW ME THE MONEY!
black women
Commentator Zerlina Maxwell did a brave thing this weekend. She went on Fox News, not exactly a bastion of human rights commentary, and said that if we want to stop rape, we need to educate men on the subject, rather than putting the responsibility on women.
house of cards
There was no actual course called "Faustian Bargains 101" at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism. So I improvised.