ya lit
Remember that time when kids weren't expelled for being jerks?
I let it ruin the rest of my evening, then I woke up the next morning feeling like I'd been run over emotionally by a truck.
I never thought of myself as a competitive person, until I realized I was constantly comparing myself to the women around me -- and coming up short.
unpopular opinion
I used to think that if I just got really skinny, I would somehow magically like myself and stop hating what I saw when I looked in the mirror, but I’ve rapidly come to realize that this is a fantasy.
They lied when they said that going to the principal would resolve it. It's okay, though, I turned out fine.
For many people with self-esteem problems, there is comfort in the status quo. Once I had banished all the assholes from my life, I realized it was something I strangely craved.
avoiding conflict
I'm an "avoider," but I may be changing my ways.
I was "whore-coughed" by a group of teen girls last night. It...gets better?
When this non-famous person showed up to a baseball game in a Giants' jersey, fishnet stockings, and very little else, I didn't expect to be bullied.