My story is living proof that Tinder is not just a "hookup app."
When I wrote my article, I included wedding photos that I had never shared online before, because of the way my body looked in them.
I don't need the symbol of our union to double as a symbol for status.
Nothing is intuitive. Everything I do from buying toilet paper to riding the subway is a thought-out process full of preparation.
Or how my husband had sex with a stripper the night before our wedding and I married him anyway.
We finally found someone who was willing to act as a registrar just four days before the big day. He was amazing, and even provided fake wedding certificates for us to sign.

Aug 22, 2014 at 2:00pm | 56 comments

As wonderful as marriage can be, the fact remains that it’s an institution loaded with pressure.
Porn bought me a couple of extra hours of sleep and probably saved my marriage.
Whoever said three times was a charm was high or delusional.
Acts of self-naming seem more than reasonable -- they’re self-affirming, somewhat instinctive and protective. They show an ownership of one’s own narrative. They make complete sense to me.
The feeling in the courthouse was of generosity, selfless love. I've never wanted to hug so many strangers.
Protecting grown-up time may be the best thing you can do for your children.
Was I really going to uproot my whole life for this man and this place?
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chronic fatigue syndrome
I feel a tremendous amount of guilt around how he married a lively, chatty, funny woman who was always on, always planning the next adventure and now he’s my carer.
What if I don't want my new name to sound like a paint color, huh?
I unsubscribed to The Knot's wedding planner app when it alerted me that I had not "started a fitness routine to get in shape for the wedding."
It's getting crazy out there. SPECIAL BONUS!! Other random things that can be bothersome when attending other people's weddings (especially as a single lady).
Military marriages go through deployments, incredibly long work days and even mental health problems like PTSD, yet they still manage to last just as often as civilian ones.
I would get a boyfriend, and she would say, simply by eyeing the dude’s Facebook page, “He’s not right for you.”
An heirloom ring is family tradition -- my dad proposed to my mom with his skull-and-crossbones class ring, and it was the coolest thing in the world.