marriage equality
Until the marriage equality movement can recognize that marriage is about much bigger issues than sexuality, it can't really legitimately position itself as a movement promoting equality.
marriage equality
When I cut my hair short, it was like coming out of the closet again—not because it made me a more visible lesbian but because it made me a more visible human. I cut it because I wanted to share who I was with the world.
The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act today, so naturally I am crying all over my face about it.
I squealed when I received an email from my Navy Ombudsman: Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) Leon E. Panetta recently announced the decision to extend twenty-four new benefits to same-sex partners of service members.
be yourself
I never planned on coming out to anyone because I didn’t think it was important enough for me to do. But I think that’s also because I never thought I’d be in a relationship important enough to share with my family.