nail polish
For the first time in my life, I've got long natural nails. And it's making life so hard.
Because I'll be damned if the French are going to have a nail polish look that I can't dupe at home.
I love kits and complicated stuff. But chalkboard nails do not even need any of that.
glitter nail polish
Lately, all I want is glitter. Everywhere, really, but especially on my fingernails.
My glitter nail polish life has been changed.
being a femme is hard effing work
I tried to get Ed to demo this in a sort of Edward Tinfoilhands moment, but he declined. Alas.
Children have child-sized nails, and require even less nail polish to cover the surface area of those nails. If you want to get technical about it.
i spend way too much time looking at my nails
While I've spent years processing my Lee Press-On Nails trauma and disappointment, a whole customized press-on nail industry has grown up.
i spend way too much time looking at my nails
I don’t always wear sandals during the summer, but when I do, I wear neon polish on my toenails.
I own four and a half linear feet of blue nail polish. That’s taller than my friend’s seven-year-old daughter.
I did my nails three times yesterday. And I still don't really like what I wound up with
Striper (as opposed to stripper –- and I don’t even know what that would look like as a nail polish but I bet I’d love it) polishes are the same basic formula as your regular nail polish. The only difference is the brush.
Y’all, I think feet are way cute and even so I’m sitting here making this "ew" face that is usually reserved for when Ed makes me smell things that have gone off in the fridge.
i spend way too much time looking at my nails
I love changing my nails every day or so –- layering polish is the perfect way to accomplish this without using up all of my free time on any given evening. Imagine me laughing when I say free time.
desert island lists
If you were stuck on a desert island, what's the only bottle of nail polish you'd want to have with you? I know what mine would be.
i spend way too much time looking at my nails
Believe me, it's just as weird for me to be advocating for neutral polishes and restrained glamor as it is for you to be reading these words from me. But I have layers! Like a parfait.
One manicure to bring them all, one manicure to bind them. And other mashups of fandom and nail polish.
i do what lesley tells me to do
i do what twitter tells me to do