eye makeup
I've accidentally poked myself in the eye enough times that I finally figured out what works (and what doesn't).
Genetics blessed me with paltry little half-brows, but there are temporary and semi-permanent options that make them magically fill in.
I took the time to apply Etude House's Play 101 pencils before heading to the hospital, and I regret nothing.
date makeup
The unusually affordable LORAC Blushing Beauty Collection takes the guesswork out of ridiculously pretty makeup.
eye makeup
In honor of the college football season starting, I'm using Urban Decay’s new Electric Eye Palette to create the coolest makeup looks at the tailgate party, even though I don't really care.
red lipstick
In the 21st century, where tattoos and piercings are seen in many professional settings, why would red lipstick still raise an eyebrow?
You think today's beauty commercials are trying to make you feel inadequate? It's nothing compared to the TV spots of a few decades ago.
One of my coworkers stopped mid-story about some lady who was hoarding dead babies in her garage to tell me how great they looked -- they’re that awesome.
The first time I wore makeup, I was 17, in college, and being interviewed about a graduate student strike on a local television station.
Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid, you deserve to be happy with how you look on such a big day.
I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably never learn to sleep like a normal person, but here is what I do to try and make myself look more like a human being in the morning.
Summer is coming, and while most people are telling you to ditch the dark colors and heavy stuff, I’m going to teach you to do heavy, dramatic, goth meets drag queen makeup that will last forever.
My picks for people who prefer a wider silhouette in their lip products.

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Wear makeup or don't, I don't give a damn. But don't pretend that the decision deserves a gold star for helping someone in need.