One of the coolest xoJane readers in the world reached out to me yesterday and gave me not one -- but three! -- tickets for the Madonna concert tonight. And what did I do? Well, according to Emily, I went and dressed like garbage.
electoral politics
like a prayer
Maybe what I love the most about Madonna is for that what she is most criticized; she’s a total poseur.
For so many people in my generation, the song was the first time we took notice of many of those iconic names.
My husband even proposed with a Tatty Devine cameo ring -- the astuteness of his choice (pink! plastic!) made it clear that I should frogmarch this chap down the aisle sharpish.
lady gaga
It must be tough to be a lady-identified pop star these days. You can’t writhe in your underpants for more than a minute before someone is popping up to let you know that you’re stealing from Madonna.

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Kristine can't resist the allure of longline bra, but can she wear it?
Somebody get a gun! The Twitter bird is coming to get me! Too late, I've been captured.