For so many people in my generation, the song was the first time we took notice of many of those iconic names.
One of the coolest xoJane readers in the world reached out to me yesterday and gave me not one -- but three! -- tickets for the Madonna concert tonight. And what did I do? Well, according to Emily, I went and dressed like garbage.
My husband even proposed with a Tatty Devine cameo ring -- the astuteness of his choice (pink! plastic!) made it clear that I should frogmarch this chap down the aisle sharpish.
like a prayer
Maybe what I love the most about Madonna is for that what she is most criticized; she’s a total poseur.
electoral politics
Somebody get a gun! The Twitter bird is coming to get me! Too late, I've been captured.
ask laia
Kristine can't resist the allure of longline bra, but can she wear it?
lady gaga
It must be tough to be a lady-identified pop star these days. You can’t writhe in your underpants for more than a minute before someone is popping up to let you know that you’re stealing from Madonna.

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