Sexting is the absolute worst, and no one actually likes it.
you are the advice columnist
checking email
I didn’t really have to see my ex write things like, “I want to put my tongue in your ass” to a 23-year-old escort, but I did.
Online dating can be a demoralizing exercise in extreme frustration. It's even worse when you're trying to date someone who doesn't bother to mention his sketchy drug and mental health history.
Suddenly, we're feeling a lot more observant.
Because I am a helpful person who wants nothing more out of this life than to help you, I've put together some summaries for the classic works of literature that are most likely to come up at a parties, in relationships, at the bus stop or wherever it is that you lie about books.
Not only am I a grown woman who still refers to her mother as Mommy, but I’m also a grown woman who goes to great lengths to conceal from her parents just how much of a financial mess she is.
I’ve uttered some pretty ridiculous half-truths to try and maintain some sort of “indie cred.”
Not to mention Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and how onions "help make you not die."
Actually I'm probably not good-looking enough to properly qualify as a "fake geek girl," but I'm giving it a shot anyway.

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doctor's visits
Growing up with someone with an intellectual disability taught me that they have the right not to be sweet all the time.
gyncological health
You would too if your gynecologist called you "oatmeal boobs."
It's a "Do This Don't" bonanza at a San Francisco Giants baseball game!