When did you get to the point where you thought, "NOOOOOOPE," and mentally moonwalked out of the room?
Love knows no borders. The British government does, though.
Even after ten years in a happy relationship, my boyfriend showed zero interest in popping the question -- so I took matters into my own hands.
A new study lists the top 5 keywords that cause men to get rejected on Internet dating sites. What self-descriptors give you the heebie-jeebies?
No, not the kind of hunting where you wear camo and sleep in the woods, silly.
Don’t I deserve a little time to be single and unafraid and strong and independent and all those other things Kelly Clarkson sings about?
My story is living proof that Tinder is not just a "hookup app."
love triangle
Over the next few years, Dawson, Pacey, and I did everything together; in fact, there wasn’t a vacation Dawson and I took where Pacey wasn’t along for the ride -- which, in hindsight, was an obvious red flag.
charlotte bronte
I am a Rochosexual. I have been ever since the eighth grade, when I read "Jane Eyre" in Mrs. Buchanan's English class.
These days, I actually lift a cheek and push the fart out with full force so it makes a noise like a barking trumpet, with the half-hearted "sorry" that is my one concession to my former modesty.
you are the advice columnist
I love him so, so much, and I'm absolutely terrified at even the idea of leaving, but I don't know how much more I can take of this.
Once, in the dusty annals of my romantic career, a mix CD fucking moved me.

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zit popping
I can’t tell if my zit-poppin’ passion is biological or psychological or what -- or if it’s something I should be ashamed about.

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the frisky
Olivier and I may only have five months under our belt, but we have the same chance at success in love and marriage as anyone else.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
If you are a white person one experience you will have throughout your life is other white people saying racist things to you, in this super comfortable tone rich with camaraderie.
We’d already discussed the engagement ring issue and I’d made it clear there was absolutely no way I was going to make myself suffer a metal noose on my finger for all eternity. No big deal, right?
By the time I understood this personality disorder, we had two daughters, were almost 2 million dollars in debt and I had lost every ounce of respect that I once had for this man.
I've seen publications post stories promoting Valentine's Day survival kits. Really??
I had two choices: Break up with John and lose Drew or stay with John and at the very least, grow a friendship with this man that had me feeling like I was going to throw up, in a good way.

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