As wonderful as marriage can be, the fact remains that it’s an institution loaded with pressure.
Am I playing games or just trying to protect myself? Probably a little of both.
He held my face to his and told me: "I have a history of heroin use, but I’m clean, and I’ve been tested. Are you sure you want to do this?"
The truth is, we need one another, especially when our lives are complicated and difficult. Why make things harder by being needlessly cruel?
And as if that weren't awkward enough, I soon learned that I'd recently dated one of her best friends. Apparently the Jewish NYC dating scene is frighteningly insular.
Ah, the glory of the insta-relationship -- we didn’t have to waste time with trivial things like getting to know each other or falling in love.
When a resentful girl wrote in about bankrolling everything for her non-working boyfriend, this is the answer she got from Beck.

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They are REALLY not making love songs the way they used to.
I had two choices: Break up with John and lose Drew or stay with John and at the very least, grow a friendship with this man that had me feeling like I was going to throw up, in a good way.

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Maybe all I can really take away from my experience is that you just never know what’s going to stumble into your life and change it completely.
We were best friends. You might say it was a brother-sister dynamic, except most brothers don’t spoon their sisters and kiss them on the mouth before bed.

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indepedent women
Nervous for the upcoming date, I confided in a friend. She asked me how he would know if I was attractive.
Not that anyone is particularly good at it. But still, I think I'm worse than most.
Love knows no borders. The British government does, though.
Apparently, women take six days to break up with someone, while men drag things out for a month before cutting their lover-person loose.
No, not the kind of hunting where you wear camo and sleep in the woods, silly.
valentine's day
Is it unreasonable for me to want to share my life with someone? And, if we accept that perhaps it is not, is it understandable that a holiday dedicated to romance could intensify that desire and underline what is missing?
I've seen publications post stories promoting Valentine's Day survival kits. Really??
getting pregnant with michelle tea
If you are a white person one experience you will have throughout your life is other white people saying racist things to you, in this super comfortable tone rich with camaraderie.