After 6 years of friendship, I don’t have his Facebook, his Skype information, Instagram, or any social media of any sort.
long distance
There were so many times I wanted to decide on a date for our wedding and had to stop myself because we didn't have the visa yet.
thought catalog
Let's start with "the married one," shall we?
long distance
Do I continue to maintain my pride? No contact, tough things out? Or do I make a grand gesture?
the jane dough
I didn’t realize how much of a financial burden the relationship had become until the semester when I was traveling to Philly more frequently than my boyfriend was coming to me.
Ah, the glory of the insta-relationship -- we didn’t have to waste time with trivial things like getting to know each other or falling in love.
best friends
The Internet is abuzz with reports of the first intelligent sex toy.
corporate america
My clock was ticking -- you know, the one that ticks down the remaining years when you can make some serious headway in your career before people start assuming you’re just a pregnancy time bomb.