There were times that I felt that moving forward in life was just too damn difficult, painful and almost impossible, with all of the reminders of Craig and our life together.
I looked at moving in to our incomplete house mostly like a camping experience, which is fun for a weekend but… a whole month? Two months? Three months?
bucket lists
The list of 50 definitive things you should do to 'live life to the full' kind of made me feel like a failure.
city life
In San Francisco, the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment is over $2,500 a month. Now that I'm getting a taste of that absurdity, at what point do I give up the ghost and just start working remotely from Small Town, USA?
In the midst of my festival of tears, I found myself sincerely thinking, "I can't kill myself. I haven't finished my taxes yet." And then I started to laugh.
big cities
Jackie and Eliot are best friends who don't always see eye to eye. For which we are thankful, because it's funny when they fight, like two bums but with less guilt.