It's winter on the East Coast, and I'm kind-of lazy because it's cold outside, and she's bored and staring at me constantly with a desperate pleading look. Help?

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having it all
With a happy family and a career, I generally feel like I've got it made. According to the current cultural dialogue, however, I do not "have it all" -- I have two halves that don't make a whole.
happy things
Shopping malls, neglected animals and horror crap -- am I alone in this madness?
For me it's geography. And anything stock market-related. I can't help it -- THE WORDS ALL MAGICALLY TRANSFORM INTO GIBBERISH.
faking it
Sorry, I'm not talking about bedroom stuff. I mean, you can talk about that if you really want to. But I meant this a bit more broadly.
Many well-meaning people immediately asked me if we were sure. Uh, where was that doubt when I was spending thousands of dollars on my wedding?
My question is how can I tell people (i.e. my friends) about this?
At a recent Google Hang staff meeting, my boss asked everyone to share the "best 30 seconds of their life." The 30 seconds that, if you were about to die and had the chance, you would be able to relive.

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I know that, if I did them regularly, these four simple habits would improve my life. So why's it so hard to actually do them?
open thread
For me, it's plucking, Q-Tips, and cold air in my face. What are the weirdly satisfying little things that make your life decent?
When I think back to every major decision I’ve made as an adult up until now, they can all be characterized by the same internal thought process: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Know what I used to do for a lot of the day? Google people I was jealous of and hate myself. And then: repeat.
If you having life problems I feel bad for you girl -- you got 99 problems, let SistaTV solve one.
Someone jumped out at me from behind a scary dark corner and I screamed like somebody's business -- and then when I realized I wasn't going to die, I reflected on life.

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Seriously -- the xoJane comment section is the online equivalent to the School of Hard Knocks. I'm so lucky to have been given a full ride.

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NFL linebacker Junior Seau's suicide made me realize just how much I think about death, but also how unprepared I am in the instance it actually happens.
Sometimes I feel like you're all supportive and open... except when it comes to "Daisy." *meow meow meow*
Finally moving out at 22 is awesome, but it's kinda lonely too.