I was working part time behind the Reference desk at a public library and on the weekends I would often just go straight to the strip club after my library shifts.
how not to be a dick
Don’t tell us you can “just Google it” or find everything you need to know on the Interwebs. We hate that.

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At least there was no Willow/Madmartigan erotica in this one. God knows where that ended up.
We stalk the latest and hottest libraries, hoping for a glimpse deep inside, and like paparazzi, we swarm around gala openings and ribbon-cutting events in the hopes of that ephemeral perfect shot.
Reader clairesayswhat introduced me to an adorable stereotype of professional librarians, I turned it into a shopping post.
Here, you’re not gonna get just any ol’ book on between-life regression or dolphin-human communication.

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