I ask you this, heterosexual women who use the term “girl crush” –- what is so wrong with someone mistaking you for being LGBTQ?
When it comes to my own queerness, the idea of waking up one day and finding myself unable to be attracted to an entire slice of the gender pie -- no matter which slice it is -- frankly terrifies me.
Barring Governor Quinn having some sort of evil-twin moment, Illinois is officially the 15th state to have legalized same-sex marriage. I have some great ideas about the best people to celebrate with. (If you know what I mean.)
bar fights
Some guy tried to fight me last weekend, and it shook me up more than I even realized at the time.
civil rights
I spent years romanticizing the history of civil rights before it occurred to me that I am continuing the legacy of that movement.
Campus Pride just released its list of "Top 25 LGBT-Friendly Colleges in the U.S." But that doesn't mean anyone's off the hook.
anthony weiner
According to the media, Anthony Weiner has apparently been wearing brightly colored trousers to campaign events to wrangle the "gay" vote. Because the only thing queers are concerned with are a suuuuper cute pair of Dockers.
The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act today, so naturally I am crying all over my face about it.
Ellen Sturtz wasn't just rude. She also wasted $500 on a pointless exercise.
gay gay gay
From now on, you can't use the term "bromance" about two people unless they are actually bros in a romance. Those are the new rules.
Things I expected from LGBTQ night at our local hockey game: rainbows, ice fights, an LGBTQ-inclusive Kiss Cam. Things I didn't expect: strangers calling me a dyke.
young adult fiction
We’re ready for gay YA. We’re screaming for it. We’re talking about it.
This needs to stop. The US school system is already a grave mockery and a travesty, and situations like this aren’t helping.
A year ago, researchers at Cornell paid 160 women of all sexual orientations to watch porn for an hour. I was one of them.
friends and lovers
Last week, Josh Weed came out as gay on his blog. This isn’t really a big deal on the Internet, except for these facts: Josh is a Mormon. And he’s married to a woman.
According to numerous studies, queer youth are 2 to 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. Who's really "brave" here?
We went to see "Pariah" recently, and I was reminded that my mother (black, female and gay) is a triple threat when it comes to oppression.

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