Who wants to talk about abortion at a wedding? Just about everyone at this wedding.
I cut my hair to show support for my friend fighting cancer, and some guy in a bar felt compelled to tell me that my haircut made me look like a lesbian.
how not to be a dick
Unsurprisingly, I experience a lot of dickishness at the hands of mostly well-meaning straight people. And so, I’m here to tell the rest of you mostly well-meaning straight people how not to be a dick to your lesbian friend.
I’m gay, not a sexual deviant. Explaining my sex life is getting exhausting.
Here’s the dirt on our bizarre one-on-one interactions over the course of two-days at the Wild Goose Festival, an outdoor Christian music festival claiming to be LGBT-inclusive.
coming out
When I complimented her new hair color, there was mutual lingering eye contact. GAY LINGERING EYE CONTACT.
Perfecting the gateway into the subject of sexuality is tough. Say it too soon and you sound presumptuous. Leave it too long and you’re a tease.
Every once in a while, lesbians are the cutest things ever.