It’s one thing if your son is struggling because of lack of knowledge or skill, it’s another when he’s just not motivated to do it.
For me it's geography. And anything stock market-related. I can't help it -- THE WORDS ALL MAGICALLY TRANSFORM INTO GIBBERISH.
There were times that I felt that moving forward in life was just too damn difficult, painful and almost impossible, with all of the reminders of Craig and our life together.
A mistake can become one of two choices: Ugly, murky things that dampen my spirit, or beautiful light-giving encounters that open me up to a wider sea of possibilities.
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Yes, my last relationship was 10 years ago and it only lasted 10 months.
I'm writing them out now in hopes that it'll save a couple of you from the trial and hideous adult error that we've all gone through.

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I was weeks away from graduating college, I had a job in foreign country, had plane tickets in my hand and a scholarship in my bank account. Then I fell.