I've been a horror-movie junkie since I was a kid. As an adult, I graduated to trashy true-crime books and TV (plus an inexhaustible passion for "Law & Order: SVU"). It's slightly embarrassing, but I'm not alone in this -- am I? Let's discuss.
law & order
I have Sam Waterston's home phone number, which over the last 15 years I have called four times, when I was having a panic attack and knew that hearing the sound of his voice on his answering machine would soothe me.
law & order svu
We purposefully waited until after the election to tackle one of the most heated political blunders of all time.
I got to serve jury duty, and all I got was this lingering sense of doubt that sometimes keeps me up at night.
law & order svu
After 13 season's of being the breakthrough badass on "Law & Order" SVU," I think Liv needs to call it quits before she turns into an insufferable shrew.