Borat came out seven years ago, but it was apparently fresh in the mind of the drunk jerk who, without warning, reenacted the Pamela Anderson kidnap-attempt scene on me at a bar.
I’ve always avoided pictures of myself, but I shamelessly took a picture of myself mid-vacation, working in the pottery studio. When I posted it on Facebook, I described it as the photo I took because I wanted to remember what I looked like when I was happy.
las vegas
When you sit down and can feel the kiss of the seat on your lips, you know a skirt is too short.
las vegas
If you're going to survive an indulgent weekend in Vegas, there are a few key tricks, including making the most of your day without exhausting yourself. I know, life is SO rough.
Somehow you just don't imagine getting accidentally kicked in the head by a little person while you're in Vegas.