Emaciating people in photographs is ludicrous, but I also hate it when commenters and critics rush to call any photograph that shows a woman's clavicle or ribcage "disgusting."
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“Applause” is a perfect example of all of the things I love about Lady Gaga.

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how not to be a dick
“It speaks! It’s ALIVE!” The man roared with laughter at his own joke. My friends chuckled. I sat in the back seat, swallowing down tears. If you’re not shy you might not understand how shattering a single comment can be.
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My life would now be separated into two parts: Before Gaga Cancelled The Born This Way Ball and After Gaga Cancelled The Born This Way Ball.
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After working so indefatigably as a professional artist and advocate while remaining steadfastly recovered from an eating disorder, the biggest pop star on earth honored my efforts and shared my art with her 32 million Twitter fans.
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This week, Lady Gaga is releasing her first perfume called “FAME,” but you already knew that. Its official release is Wednesday, but as your resident boy beauty writer and secret super fan, I had to smell it sooner.
You’re the only one for me, Nina, even though I know you don’t feel the same way.
Lady Gaga shows off some serious T&A for legendary photographer Terry Richardson in Couture Hogan McLaughlin. The vinyl corset top laces up the back with nude ribbons and the skirt is constructed from groups of triangles pieced together.
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Nothing on YouTube can bring me the happy quite like the amazing Timmy, performing in a pair of too-small Mickey Mouse pajamas and singing into a blackened banana.
The case for a less Gaga gay icon.

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When this non-famous person showed up to a baseball game in a Giants' jersey, fishnet stockings, and very little else, I didn't expect to be bullied.
How will Kanye and Katy Perry's shades play at the Post Office and Pilates class?
Lady Gaga & Google are friends with many benefits. NO, NOT THAT KIND.

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Why I love the lady, but hate the songs.

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It must be tough to be a lady-identified pop star these days. You can’t writhe in your underpants for more than a minute before someone is popping up to let you know that you’re stealing from Madonna.

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