kim kardashian
kanye west
Famous black men who regularly engage in public displays of confidence irk simply because they’re not an acceptable face of blackness.
kanye west
I haven’t been able to stop listening to Yeezus since it came out, but I can’t stop turning over its lyrics, which perpetuate hip-hop stereotypes about women.
Years ago I was dancing in front of Cipriani’s on top of the fire hydrant posts when a Rolls Royce pulled up. I continued to dance, when suddenly Swizz Beats emerged to watch.
kim kardashian
Kim's earnestly expressed desire to meet someone and have kids, her drive to do the most work she can, her quickness to tears of joy, sorrow, or frustration -- we could be twins were it not for my short hair and the complete lack of Armenian blood coursing through my stocky, English peasant veins.
bath & body works
Jane, can I please keep this pun? Plus, some rappers feel really strongly about beauty products.
self help
fall fashion
I always judge the looks of stylish lads by whether or not I can see my future boyfriend sporting them.
It starts with a magnifying glass and ends with Kanye.