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Here's how things work nowadays: kid becomes famous, we turn him into a monster, kid acts like a monster, then we're outraged because he's such a total monster.
justin bieber
More than 15% of the adolescent population struggles with cutting. xoJane asked a teenager to share her thoughts on the #cuttingforbieber hoax perpetuated by 4Chan that led to some instances of actual self-harm by children.
I'm sick of everyone assuming I'm an evil person. Yes, I work for the paparazzi. No, that does not mean I serve Satan.
5 fashion things
Justin Bieber gave me his sneakers, cross-stich is back, just say no to ballet flats, and I’ve never been to Topshop. You don’t even need to read this now. You’re welcome.
Boogie doesn't understand why I’m not friends with Justin Bieber and was more than a little disgusted with me when I told him I'd never met him.
justin bieber
I was the Pamela Des Barres of "High School Musical: Live."