I could talk about pitching all day. I love game-behind-the-game strategy. Here are my rules.

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stay at home moms
As someone who wants to become a stay-at-home-mom at least temporarily someday, this article was a cold shower of bad news.
Misandry exists only as an exaggerated Internet joke, and as a way in which women who have been directly or indirectly hurt by men to express their frustration and anger.
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Although sexual harassment in the workplace is still illegal, behavior that’s equally inappropriate and psychologically damaging is allowed to operate elsewhere, pushed out of the office and into the streets.
The day in my life that I was sexually assaulted marked a before-and-after divider in how I felt about myself as a human being and as a woman, and the student paper minimized it to a RAP PUN.
sexual violence
My own emotional response to the photos was not immediately one of anger and outrage. It was something else. Even after reading the headline, my emotional response to the images remained complicated.
Publications geared toward women, specifically women of color, are not considered “serious” or “thought-provoking” enough to be included in the new, golden age of publishing.
I was contacted by a reporter who said how she had been "enjoying" my pieces in xoJane and wanted to profile me. That's how it started.

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Lesson 1: Try not to exclusively make an exclusive ass of yourself exclusively, as you were first to report.
I stayed up all night screen-grabbing tweets that joked about raping and urinating on a girl they thought might be dead. Welcome to Steubenville.
WARNING: This post contains graphic images.
In a world where sexism is always satirical and satire is always sacred, hipster sexism becomes nearly impossible to challenge. It’s not only okay, but appropriate and even necessary, to incorporate other work people have produced on the subject into your own discussions.
“Free speech” arguments are often used to suggest that any kind of content ever should pass without remark or challenge, and that’s not actually how it works. Free speech gives you a right, but it also gives others a right to respond to you.
The same people who suddenly care a whole lot about disability when it involves a reality television show are nowhere to be seen the rest of the time, and I can’t help but be just a teensy bit bitter about that.
You’re the only one for me, Nina, even though I know you don’t feel the same way.