bill clinton
Rachael Ray wants YOUR questions. As only you can ask them.
Dr. Drew will answer your questions if you give them to me here. Deal? PS I WANT him.
I interviewed two Radio City Rockettes named (very conveniently) Angela and Mary. And what we got was the shortest Five Questions answers ever, from two truly sweet dancers.
beauty secrets
In Part Three of our big sit-down interview with the "Big 3" Kardashian sisters, we talk makeup, skincare and more!
We tried to ask krazy questions the rest of the media is always too khicken to ask. Read on!
If you've washed just your penis in the sink (or know someone who has), please weigh in below. A.k.a., Am I crazy?

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jane radio
The "Roseanne" creator, staunch feminist and macadamia nut farmer tweets nude, tells an amazing Ted Bundy-Debbie Harry story and wants to make out with Cher.
fran drescher
Fran Drescher is the only celebrity who hasn't said "pass" on a single question in this old JANE magazine series. She's awesome.
gay husbands
Go ahead and ask Jane a question, but be aware that her answer is probably going to be that your husband is gay.