It’s not even that I hate being fat. I hate that I cannot control it.
300,000 people in West Virginia are affected by our chemical-laden water, and all I see in the news is Justin Bieber and figure skaters.
During the first couple of weeks in my cocoon, I was a walking nervous breakdown: There was nothing to distract me from all of the stupid things I’d done to get in my own way, which was an overwhelming epiphany.
I am plagued to stay right on the brink of orgasm for hours without finding any sort of relief. At all.
For over 10 years working at a hotel, I have been propositioned with sex more times than I can count.
Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, I will never forget that what happened to us was just the shadow of a shadow of what happens to hundreds of other men, women and children every single day.
family drama
I have no family, and I am happier then I have ever been in my life.
I knew it would make a good story even as it was happening, so sitcom-like was its awesome comedic awkwardness.
I feel so ashamed, sad and powerless, but I’m still not sure what I should have done in that situation.
As World Prematurity Day nears, I write so that others who’ve been through this know they’re not alone. I’ll never know why I lost my daughter, but I do know that life goes on despite the pain.
small towns
I didn’t always feel this way about Northwest Arkansas. When I turned 12, I hated everything and everyone. I started buying into the hype that rural living was somehow unsophisticated, and that to be anything meant moving as far away as possible, as soon as possible.
chronic illness
The most profound lesson I've learned from three decades of chronic pain? Never settle for less than what you want out of life -- even when it hurts.
revenge porn
An hour later, I received a follow-up email. “It’s 8:15 where you are. You have until 8:37 to reply. Then I start the distribution.”
bed wetting
In the past year, I have periodically – about once every two months – wet the bed.
fear of flying
“I’m soooo sorry,” I whisper, never letting go of his legs. He’s shocked. Completely. He’s scared. Of me? Of the falling plane?
it happened to me
sex education
In the Appalachian region, sex is still often linked to marriage, or at least reproduction, and the choices of teenagers without access to enough information can have long-lasting effects.
I looked down at my cell phone: 8:11pm. We met at 8pm. Time flies when you’re having no fun at all.
criminal mind
I was lucky to have someone close to me in the bathroom at the time, and I plan on always having someone with me in the future.
I sat there in the interrogation room shaking and passing nervous gas.
I hope that someday, all the Slutwalks and Take Back the Nights will add up and we will all be able to do what Sylvia Plath dreamed of: “to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west” and, most importantly, “to walk freely at night…”
When you read glowing write-ups of sexy couples destinations, it's quite likely that said reviews were quite likely written by a single, bitter potentially slightly jaded travel writer. Like me.