Stay Home Club’s clothing and accessories make introverts like me feel less alone, without making us actually deal with other people.
It takes a concerted effort on my part to behave in a friendly manner, and lo and behold, some people find me unfriendly! That is not society's fault. It's mine.
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Yeah, so I spent a lot of money to eat by myself in an unfamiliar restaurant in a city where I don't live. And it was great.
I'm a confirmed extrovert who desperately needs some tips on becoming an introvert for the sake of my sanity (and everyone else's).
i am totally hopeless at being normal
More reasons I should live out my life in a dark room and only communicate with other humans via the Internet.
am i doing this right?
Don’t pay any attention to the panic-stricken woman in the boutique dressing room. I just forget what it’s like to deal with helpful salespeople.
i don't hate you this is just how my face looks